Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quick Picture Post!

Sorry about the blurry iPhone shot! Just wanted to share one of my salads from this week. Lots of radishes,  Athenos feta, a homemade dressing with lots of shallots and some butter lettuce. I really stocked up on lettuce at Costco this weekend! I was happy to see so much "local" produce there, pretty much everything was from NJ, which while it isn't as great as it would be to get it from MD, NJ is only a state away. I hate when supermarket produce comes from FL or  CA  when it is in-season here and I can't always get to the farmers markets. Getting up early on Sunday and driving all the way downtown is hard especially in May-June-early July when there isn't a whole lot in season (at once anyway) yet. My mom went this past weekend though and said that peaches were in so I might pry myself out of bed and head down this weekend. I need to refresh my salad ingredient stash. I did make a salad with homemade pickled beets that was really good this week, I couldn't get a good picture of it (we ate too late and it was dark out) but I am going to try and reproduce it so I can post the recipe on C&L.

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