Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Ins and Outs of Daily Salad Making

I've been trying to eat a salad (with Athenos feta!) every day but I have to say it was a little rough this week. I didn't feel well Thursday and ended up just eating saltines and a turkey sandwich. I missed my feta! Luckily I am feeling better and have plans for exciting salads this coming week. I still need to recreate a really yummy one I had on Tuesday that I wanted to post but couldn't get a good shot of. Picture taking is so important when food blogging! It is rare not to be able to get a good shot in the summer because of all the natural light/long days but we ate so late, it was dark before I sat down to eat. We normally eat late(ish) any way but now that Matt's been working 8-4:30 (instead of the usual 7-3:30) by the time he comes home it is after five or even later if he has to run an errand and it really pushes dinner making back. I don't know how people who work until 6 or 7 ever eat a real dinner. Since I (or he) make everything from scratch, dinner takes a fair amount of time to make. Luckily, salads are pretty quick and they have been a real time saver this month!

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