Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feta Varieties

I've been working my way through the various flavors of feta that Athenos produces. My thoughts so far:

Traditional (My favorite. It also comes in big tubs which is handy)
Basil & Tomato (Haven't tried yet)
Garlic & Herb (Tasty)
Lemon Garlic & Oregano (Lemon-y. Good in a salad when I didn't want to fuss much with dressings)
Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic (Not my favorite but I don't generally like red peppers/red pepper flavored things)
Mild (Haven't tried yet but think it will be good in salad without strongly favored ingredients)
Black Peppercorn (Tasty, I like black pepper in my salads anyway)
Reduced-Fat Traditional (Haven't tried it yet)
Reduced-Fat Tomato & Basil (I haven't been able to find this one)
Fat-Free Original (Not big on fat-free cheese so I haven't tried it yet)
Feta Packed in Brine (Love this, reminds me of the imported Greek feta I've bought in the past)

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